Vote Yes on 1

Amendment 1 is a constitutional amendment that creates a commission made up of equal numbers of Republican and Democrat lawmakers as well as equal number of private citizens who have been appointed by Republicans and Democrats. This commission would be responsible for drawing the legislative districts for General Assembly elections.

The commission must agree upon legislative districts or else the districts will be drawn by the Virginia Supreme Court.

Currently, legislative districts are drawn and approved by the General Assembly.

When Democrats were in the minority in Richmond, they supported this Amendment. Republicans who were in the majority also supported Amendment 1 because they wanted transparency and fairness in the process.

Now that Democrats have control in Richmond, they are against Amendment 1 and instructing their voters to vote no on the Amendment.

Why? So that the Democrats in Richmond can control the redistricting process and create gerrymandered districts to their own advantage attempting to create a permanent majority to push their radical agenda.

We must vote YES on Amendment 1 to stop that from happening. VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 1!