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Interested in a Membership with the Lynchburg republican city Committee?

Thank you for your interest! We are always excited to welcome new conservatives into our meetings and activities. YOU, and other volunteers are, the cornerstone of our efforts to create a better government for all citizens!

Below is the process to become an official member of the LRCC:

1.  Apply:  To Apply Online: CLICK HERE


Or, if you would prefer, print out our membership application form here, then fill it out and either scan or photograph it, and email it to us at: or mail it to the address on the form and listed below.

2.  Pay Dues: We have annual membership dues of $25 per person. This enables us to serve our members and our community better by providing a place for meetings, supplies, this website, providing voter information, supporting the campaigns of local candidates who work towards a conservative government and true liberty. You may, of course, give more if you can. You may submit dues or donations by clicking the red button at the top right corner of this website. Or you can send in a check to the address on the form or listed below. And thank you!


3.  Approval: In advance of the next meeting, you will receive an email invitation with details. At that meeting, current members will vote to approve your application. You may attend and quietly let the vote take place, or if you wish you may give a voluntary 30-second speech introducing you to us. At the conclusion of a favorable vote, you are a full-fledged member for the calendar year and authorized to vote, speak, and participate.


4.  Participate: Because we want to have active, voting members involved and attending our meetings, our Bylaws state that if a member misses three consecutive meetings, his or her membership expires. Authorized proxy forms are accepted.


If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to contact us


We are always excited to meet fellow Republicans, citizen-patriots and seekers of liberty.  Together, we can have a significant impact on our community. 

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