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Call to Action: No More Taxes!

The City of Lynchburg announced Real Estate Assessments have gone up. As such, if the City does not act and equalize the Tax Rate, property owners could see a 7.2% increase in property taxes, totaling $4.2 million more coming out of YOUR pockets and those of the hard working citizens in our community.

Freedom-loving voters are always skeptical of tax increases, but the question has to be asked: is now really the time for taxpayers to be forced to pay MORE taxes? Lynchburg citizens are already under one of the highest tax burdens in the entire Commonwealth! Our property tax burden is essentially double the tax rate of Bedford, Amherst, and Campbell counties. Right now, unemployment numbers are up, an increased number of businesses are struggling, or have permanently closed and these opportunities are lost. Our government should think about serving our community, not filling their pockets.

You can make a difference right now! If you are opposed to this increased financial burden, make your voice heard in one (or all three) of the following options:

1) Please email City Council.

Copy this email address:

Then copy and send this message or personalize as you wish:

Dear Council,

With Real Estate Assessments going up, I am opposed to the City taking more property taxes. Now is not the time for the government to put more financial burdens on the community. Please vote to equalize the property tax rate and advocate for taxpayers. (Your name)

2) Please sign this petition sponsored by Republican Councilman Chris Faraldi:

3) Finally, if you are comfortable, you can sign up to speak before City Council on March 9th and petition our local government to not impose additional financial hardship on our community. Email the Clerk of Council and please request to speak BEFORE the deadline on March 3rd at noon:

We need your help, and with your advocacy, we can fight this potential increase and protect the hard working members of our community! Sincerely, Eric Harrison, Chairman LRCC


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