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School Board Nominations (Deadline: May 25)

We have a great opportunity right now to empower all of our students, teachers, and school administrators in Lynchburg. Our school board is currently in a nominating process and we are looking for caring, commonsense, proactive leaders for our school board. Right now the door is now open for you to be in charge! That's right, you! Any one who lives in Lynchburg can apply to be on the school board, but experience is preferred. Three positions are open, and we need you to get involved ASAP!

We only have a few days to get the word out, get names of people to recommend, and have them submit a simple application to the City of Lynchburg. What about you? Can you schedule some of your time each week to serve our city's children, attend board meetings monthly, and make decisions that will affect the future of Lynchburg? If you have any questions, we at the LRCC will be glad to talk about this with you and help you get involved!

If you are not interested personally, would you at least call some people who you think would be good candidates, and ask if they'd consider joining the School Board? We need candidates galore, because the greater the pool of people to choose from the more likely we'll actually get good people chosen to be on the Board.

Please report back as soon and as often as you can. Remember, we have just a few days to finalize this. Email or call our team with your ideas, or have your friends contact us. This fresh opportunity to make a great impact in Lynchburg. This is our chance! Let's take it!

Reach out to the LRCC team now by clicking the "Contact" tab at the top of this page.


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