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Urgent: City Council Elections

Greetings Fellow Lynchburg Republicans,

I am writing to invite you, and encourage you to come, to the Lynchburg City Council meeting tomorrow, November 9th at 7:30pm at City Hall (900 Church Street). Many of you may be aware that our liberal Council members are trying to amend our Charter to manipulate when our local elections will fall. They do not want local elections on the same year as the federal elections even though it has been this way for the last 50+ years. This is a deceptive measure to try to control voter turnout, a form of voter suppression. This is a self-serving initiative created by the liberal Council members. There needs to be a massive “public outcry” from the voters of Lynchburg in regards to our election cycle. Please show up at the meeting if you can, our presence does have an effect. If you would like to speak at the meeting, please show up at 7pm to get your name on the list. If you can’t attend you can also email the Council your thoughts on the matter: Let’s show up and let the Council know that they were elected to serve the public, not their own personal motives. Secondly, I wanted to bring your attention to an inspirational event with nationally recognized speakers at LU this weekend including: · Michael Knowles, Daily Wire Host of the Michael Knowles Show · Mike Pompeo, Former U.S. Secretary of State · Mike Huckabee, Former Arkansas Governor and Host of Huckabee on TBN · Eric Metaxas, Bestselling author and host of the Eric Metaxas Show · … and many, many more amazing speakers! Freedom Uncensored: Uncommon Courage in Unvirtuous Times November 12-13, 2021 • Liberty University Employees and Student $10, General Admission $20 Tired of Government Mandates? Sick of Cancel Culture? Ready to Live your Faith with Courage? Take a Stand for Life, Liberty, and Truth! What: An energizing and educational summit to hear from leaders in the Christian faith and the conservative movement. Come to learn, be inspired, and leave mobilized and equipped to change hearts. Get more details and your tickets here:

Thanks so much, Stephanie Reed Vice-Chair of Outreach and Recruitment , LRCC


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