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Vote Absentee for City Council

Given the current uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Governor's Stay at Home orders and guidance from the White House, there is uncertainty as to whether voting in person on Election Day, May 5, will be possible.

We must vote a conservative majority onto City Council this year. To do so, we must VOTE. Vote today. You can vote absentee in person at the registrar's office at Kemper Street Station.

You also vote absentee by mail. An absentee ballot can be requsted here:

Use reason code 2A for why you are voting absentee.

Vote Republican for the same reason: 2A.

Don't forget about the sanctuary city movement. Don't forget about the way that your constitutional rights were disregarded by the progressives on city council. Don't forget about the Vice-Mayor changing her vote after the public had left the chambers to try to stop a public hearing from happening in the first place.

Vote today. Code 2A.

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